Halloween Wrappers, Goodie Bags, . . .

Everything You need to make your trick-or-treaters feel special!

Or Goodies for a great halloween party! 

Halloween Mini Wrappers - Set of 10

$ 2 USD

10 Halloween Themed Wrappers in a set for $2.

Your Trick-or-treaters will want to come back for more, when you wrap your Hershey's minis in these adorable Halloween themed wrappers.

This listing is for just the wrappers, you will wrap each one around a Hershey's Mini, using either a glue stick or double sided tape.

When you order 1 set, you will get 10 wrappers, mixed variety of these 4 designs.  If you prefer a specific design instead of the variety, let me know!


Halloween Hard Candies - set of 10

$ 2 USD

You will get a set of 10 Hard Candies with a variety of Halloween themed stickers on them.  If you want 100 candies, order 10 sets, if you want 50, order 5 sets, etc. . .

These are an easy way to make your Trick-or-treat bowl a little special for all the little ghosts and goblins coming to your door.

Add a little fun to your Halloween Treats!