Just The Wrappers! 99 cents each!

$ 0.99 USD

If you want to wrap your own candy bars, choose this option, and we will work together to create your perfect wrapper!

I will be in contact to personalize your wrappers.

You get each wrapper, pre-cut and ready for you to apply to your own product, for 99 cents each.

This option could be for ANY of our wrappers!

You will receive the wrappers, already cut; all you will have to do is buy your Chocolate Bars or Mentos Mints or Bubbles, and wrap them, using a glue stick or double sided tape.

I will also include silver or gold foil for you to wrap around the Hershey Bars to make them look smoother.

Free shipping to US addresses.

Minimum order 10 wrappers for 99 cents each.

Contact me for discounts over 100 wrappers.

Just the Wrappers - 15 Hershey Minis Wrappers

$ 5.00 USD

Custom Wrappers for your Hershey Minis.

You can customize these with photos, logos, sayings, etc.

Great for baby showers, wedding showers, class parties, gifts for school, etc.

You will get 15 wrappers, cut and ready for you to attach to Hershey Minis, using a glue stick or double sided tape.

When ordering, please keep in mind that one set is 15 wrappers (candy not included).

Free shipping to US addresses.

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