"This Mom Deserves a Sweet Treat" Hershey Bar.

$ 2.99 USD

A Beautiful Sweet Treat for your beautiful and wonderful mom, wife, grandma, etc.
A Regular size 1.55 oz Hershey Bar wrapped in silver foil, and a custom glossy wrapper, as pictured. 

The front says "This Mom Deserves A Sweet Treat!" on a light purple background with graphics of a baby, a diaper, a bow, and an adult hand holding a child's hand.

The back says "For All You Do For Your Family, Take A Break On This Special Mother's Day!"

Shipping Included to US Addresses. . . Please note, seasonally, chocolate may melt during shipping.

Set of 2 "Mom's Pen"

$ 6 USD

Set of 2 pens for Mom!  No more excuses for taking Mom's pen. . . this classy Pentel R.S.V.P. pen has a custom insert that says "Mom's Pen.  Put it back where you found it, please" with a graphic of Mom's face.  You can look at the graphics on the "Family Face Color Graphic Items" and let me know your favorite face graphic.

Shipping Included to US Addresses.

Mother's Day Hershey Bar "Bouquet" & Lollipop "Flower"

$ 6.99 USD

Send Your Mother A "Bouquet" Chocolate Bar and a "flower" lollipop.

Mom or Grandma will recieve ONE Hershey Bar, with a Mother's Day Greeting on the wrapper (you see pictured both sides of the chocolate bar wrapper), and a flower designed lollipop "mintbook".
Front of Hershey Bar wrapper says "Happy Mother's Day"
Back says "A Bouquet of Love For A Flower Of A Mom. I Love You!"  Wording can be changed (Grandma, Nana, Mommy, etc)

Will be shipped directly to Mom or Grandma, with your name and address as the return address (however, it will be postmarked Rocky Mount, NC). Will Include A Coordinating Label On The Back That Says "Happy Mother's Day" so Mom or Grandma knows not to open it yet.
Please be sure to include your name and address, as you want it on the return address, and Mom or Grandma's name and address, as you want it sent.
Must be ordered by Friday May 3rd, I will ship on Monday May 6th.

Shipping Included to US Addresses.  Please note, seasonally, chocolate may melt during shipping.


Set of 4 "Big Daddy!" Notepads

$ 15.00 USD

Notepads designed for the Big Daddy!  A Classic car graphic, at the top it says "From The Big Daddy!" and at the bottom it says "A Dad's Work Is Never Done!"

This is a set of 4 notepads, 40 pages each, printed black and white. 

A great Father's Day gift for the Big Daddy in YOUR life!