Happy Valentine's Day To My Princess

$ 3.00 USD

A set of 6 Hershey Minis, wrapped and packaged to read "Happy Valentine's Day To My Princess".

The perfect Valentine for YOUR little Princess!


Hoppy Valentine's Dude!

$ 3.00 USD

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect Valentine for your cool "dude"!  Well, you've found it!

A set of 6 Hershey Minis, wrapped and packaged to read "I Love You To The Moon . . . and back"  "Hoppy Valentine's Dude!".

The perfect Valentine for YOUR little Dude! 

Can be customized with name, and can say "We" instead of "I" -- just let me know what you need!


Set of 5 Valentine's Day Bubble Wands

$ 6 USD

What Better Way To Celebrate Valentine's Day than by blowing kisses to your favorite people? 

Great for a class gift, or a Valentine's Party Favor, these bubble wands can be customized for your special Valentine!

Kids will love giving these to their classmates!


I Love You Sweetie! Hershey Bar!

$ 2.50 USD

An adorable bear shares the sentiment that can best be expressed with the chocolate inside. . . "I Love You Sweetie!"

Your sweetie will adore the bear, and you, cherishing the sentiment, and will enjoy the sweet chocolate Hershey Bar inside.

Chocolate, the best way to say "Happy Valentine's Day!"


3 Valentine Minis On A Love Note

$ 3 USD

Three Adorable Characters, attached to a business card sized love note (customized for you!), and wrapped in tulle.  One Bear says "Kisses", one says "Hugs", and the skunk in the middle says "Love."

Can also be customized for a classroom Valentine's Gift Too.  I can take the words off and just have the characters holding the hearts, or put "Happy" "Valentine's" "Day" on the three characters, or "I" "Love" "You" or anything you'd like.

The "Love Note" can be a valentine from your child to his or her classmates.


Set of 12 Valentine's Day Mintbooks or Lollipops!

$ 6 USD

An Adorable Mintbook, or Lollipop, decorated for Valentine's Day!  These would be great as part of a Valentine's Treat for your son or daughter's classmates!

You get a set of 12 for just $6, that breaks down to 2 for $1.00!  I can include a lollipop, or a starlight mint, no additional cost.  Just let me know!

I can design the mintbook to your specifications, we will work together to create your PERFECT Valentine!